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Three Suns

Three Suns Crystal Candle - Lois - Peach Blossom

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Meet Lois' - The Candle Of Healing - the perfect companion for anyone going through a tough time. Infused with magical crystal blends of Black Tourmaline and Rainbow Moonstone, along with a unique fragrance mix of Peach Peony + Vanilla, it offers both comfort and solace to help you heal. Use it to relax and bring your emotions to the surface, allowing you to acknowledge and release them. Lois' promotes inner balance and will be there to support you through every stage of healing. Plus, it smells amazing with its refreshing Peach Blossom scent.

 55 hour burn time

Fragrance Family – Floral + Fresh
Fragrance intensity - 7/10
Fragrance notes
Top- Orange, Peach
Heart- Peony, Lily
Base- Amber, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Cedarwood

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Three Suns Crystal Candle - Lois - Peach Blossom