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The Urban Jungle

Plant Tension Pole Plant Tray

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Colour – Black

Want to create a fuller looking plant pole?

Our plant trays are a great way to fill your plant pole with more plants.

We recommend adding no more than 6-8 plants in total on the plant pole.

Each tray is 18cm in diameter and each tray holds up to 3kg per hook.

Please note: the white tray is white irl, it's just edited in this image so it stands out on a white background. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the manufacturing process, our trays when assembled may be slightly not square with the ground. This can be rectified by slightly bending the tray (Very Gently) until it is level. This is not a fault but rather the nature of a handcrafted item. 

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Plant Tension  Pole Plant Tray