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The Quirky Cup Collective

La Lune List Notepad

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I dunno about you but list making makes the wrinkles in my brain smooth out. It makes the daunting tasks piling up in my mind seem more achievable and gives me a little dopamine boost when I can finally tick something off. Surely something that most of you can relate to I'm sure! 

Physical list making and notepads help me organise the chaos and get those thoughts down so I have the best chance at remembering what I need to. And if you're someone who is as unorganised as me? I swear it makes you SO much more productive having those lists out and in plain site. 

There are so many benefits to physical list making and I'm finally here with my own little range of list notepads. From mundane lists to fantastical ideas, this notepad turns ordinary tasks into extraordinary journeys. 52 sheets of lush 100GSM paper, with not one but TWO back magnets for your fridge/board, your to-do lists, reminders, and dreams will have a dedicated place right in your line of sight, transforming your space into a realm of inspiration


- 20 x 7.5c (7.8' x 2.9')
- Back magnets for fridge & boards
- 52 tear away sheets 
- 100GSM paper

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La Lune List Notepad