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Wild Emery

Wild Emery Shower Steamer Collection

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Wild Emery's Essential Oil Shower Steamers (50g) are handmade with a natural vegan formula. Each shower steamer is packed with essential oils for a strong scented shower experience. 
What makes these shower steamers so special?
+ Handmade in Australia
+ Natural
+ Vegan
+ Cruelty Free
+ Palm Oil Free
+ Zero Plastic
+ Biodegradable Shrink Wrap
+ No Nasties (no SLS, SLES, Parabens, or Petrochemicals)
+ No Artificial Preservatives or Fragrances
+ 1% of Revenue goes to an environmental non-for-profits

What to expect?

Step up your shower game with Shower Steamer Collection. Seven essential oil shower steamers for a week worth of well deserved indulgent showers.

REFRESH is a cool menthol infused burst of peppermint and tea tree

SLEEP is a calming lavender and chamomile blend to promote rest

BREATHE deep with clearing menthol, rosemary and eucalyptus

ME TIME for a guilt free me time shower with a mojito inspired scent

FOCUS with zesty sweet lemongrass

REST is a grounding warm blend to wind down to in a peaceful shower

RELAX is the ultimate floral shower experience

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Wild Emery Shower Steamer Collection
Wild Emery Shower Steamer Collection