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Three Suns

Hunti' | Crystal Reed Diffuser of Tranquillity | Camellia And Lotus Blossom

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Diffuser of Tranquility - Hunti’ is like a spa-day in a bottle! It is the exact kind of relaxation and revitalising fragrance that we could all use after a long day. Hunti’ will sooth away the day-to-day anxieties & stresses that keep you up at night and allow your mind to relax & unwind.

Diffuser of Tranquility - Hunti’ is the perfect present for anyone who struggles to relax and unwind or for those who may suffer from anxiety & stress. 

Fragrance - Camellia + Lotus Blossom 


Eco Reed diffuser base, specifically designed to provide maximum fragrance dispersion is:

- Environmentally friendly

- Glycerin based solvent – renewable source

- Sustainable – a great alternative to petrochemical based solvents

- Not Flammable

- Lower carbon Footprint

- Non Toxic