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Hottea Mama Sleep Saviour Wellness Tea Gift Set

Hottea Mama Sleep Saviour Wellness Tea Gift Set

Hottea Mama
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You don’t have to be pregnant or a new mum to enjoy our delicious, caffeine-free teas.  Our Sleep Saviour Gift Set contains a selection of uplifting, soothing & revitalising teas can help anyone through the hectic juggle of life.

This gift selection is made up of three of our best selling teas. 

Get Up & Glow - an uplifting fruit infusion, with grapes and tropical fruit as it's base. 

Morning Rescue - a zingy blend of whole ginger root, lemongrass, lemon balm, lemon verbena, and whole peppermint leaf.  

Night Owl - relaxing botanicals including chamomile flowers, valerian root, lavender and lime flowers, to soothe a tired soul.

They are all caffeine free, but can still support early morning wake ups and late nights at any stage of life.